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Analytics & Winning Soccer (Fútbol) Teams!
Robert Allison  
6/30/2014   Post a comment
When analyzing 2010 World Cup results, traditional bar charts do a great job isolating interesting data.
NYC Subways 'Extraordinarily Safe,' Data Reveals
Michael Steinhart  
6/30/2014   51 comments
The New York Daily News combined police reports and ridership data to roll out a comprehensive set of interactive visualizations depicting subway crime in excruciating detail.
Facebook Researchers Toy With Emotions: Wake Up
Thomas Claburn  
6/30/2014   29 comments
A study about the effect of posts on Facebook users' emotions outraged some people. I call it a public service: Now you understand what ill-informed consent means.
 Creating an Analytics Nerve Center
Digital Audio  
6/30/2014   63 comments
In this A2 Radio episode, Patrick McIntyre, senior vice president of healthcare analytics at WellPoint, will share his experiences and give us his best-practices for setting up and maintaining an analytics team and engendering an analytics culture within the enterprise.
A2 Radio Today: Creating an Analytics Nerve Center
Beth Schultz  
6/30/2014   13 comments
Patrick McIntyre, SVP of healthcare analytics at WellPoint, joins us today at 2:00 p.m. ET for a discussion on building an analytics operation.
A2 Poll: Saving Resources & Sensor Discourses
Michael Steinhart  
6/27/2014   34 comments
Our audience is split evenly among those who are already saving money with smart appliances, those who want to, and those who aren't interested.
Happy 3rd Birthday, All Analytics!
Beth Schultz  
6/27/2014   49 comments
We're all about generating conversation, so here's a look at the Top 5 most-commented blogs in our three-year history.
3 Nagging Doubts About Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
6/26/2014   22 comments
A new series of blogs on the Kaspersky Business site highlights some of the problems with current applications of big-data analytics.
5 Tips for Ending Strife Between IT & Business
Beth Schultz  
6/26/2014   8 comments
James Dallas, a former CIO, shared his advice on how his contemporaries can fix the disconnect between their IT organizations and the business.
How to Create Fancy Statistical Graphs in SAS University Edition
Robert Allison  
6/26/2014   7 comments
SAS visualization expert Robert Allison shares some tips on the SAS/STAT tool.
UC Berkeley Data Science Degree: $60K, 18 Months
Jeff Bertolucci  
6/26/2014   5 comments
A new online degree program promises to train data scientists in 18 months, and the price tag reflects the high salaries that analytics professionals command.
4 Ways Football Champs Score With Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
6/25/2014   24 comments
World Cup football is typified by athletic feats and high tension, but teams are using big-data analytics during and between matches to gain an edge.
 The Analytical CIO: Making Peace With the Business
Digital Audio  
6/25/2014   274 comments
Tune in to this A2 Radio episode for one former CIO's thoughts on analytics, big data, and IT.
How to Create a Bubble Plot in SAS University Edition
Robert Allison  
6/25/2014   Post a comment
Here are some quick instructions that'll set you on your way to becoming a data visualizer!
Join the A2 Book Club
Michael Steinhart  
6/24/2014   8 comments
We're going to send 10 lucky members a free copy of SAS thought-leader Evan Stubbs's upcoming book, Big Data, Big Innovation, the first selection in our new book club.
Sensor Net to Light Up Chicago Lampposts
Beth Schultz  
6/24/2014   53 comments
Urban researchers plan to build a sensor network atop Chicago light poles to collect data that could be used to make the city safer, more efficient, and cleaner.
Google Gets Proactive With HR Analytics & Strategy
Terry Sweeney  
6/24/2014   15 comments
In making valued employees part of a strategic plan, the search giant also looks to predict potential problems with key personnel and address them before they blow up.
GPUs Deliver Supercharged Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
6/23/2014   18 comments
A startup uses graphics processing units and proprietary compression and parallel processing instructions to crunch datasets of 100 TB or more in a compact server.
A2 Radio: The Analytical CIO
Beth Schultz  
6/23/2014   5 comments
Thought leader James Dallas, former CIO of Medtronics, joins us for a Wednesday radio show on how IT and analytics must make peace.
Statistical Profiling: A New Shade of Grey
Bryan Beverly  
6/20/2014   37 comments
Analytics can break down populations and subgroups in ways that don't always serve the greater good.
Analytics Unlocks Millions in Energy, Water Savings
Michael Steinhart  
6/20/2014   17 comments
Our conversation with WegoWise founder Barun Singh yielded some fascinating insights around building efficiency and utility usage around the country.
Big Data Drives 'Pop-Up' Bus Routes
Michael Steinhart  
6/19/2014   9 comments
A Boston startup uses social network data to plot routes for commuters and shuttle them back and forth in faster, more comfortable coaches.
Healthcare Customers Emerge Amid Industry Upheaval
John Balla  
6/19/2014   1 comment
Smart healthcare providers are orienting their organizational directions more toward individual member needs and desires.
How B2B Can Get the Price Right
Beth Schultz  
6/19/2014   6 comments
A McKinsey & Co. report looks at the benefits of big-data analytics in setting best prices for products.
HPC Analytics Hardware Market to Hit $4.4B
Michael Steinhart  
6/18/2014   1 comment
A report IDC released today forecasts significant growth for the newly dubbed high-performance data analytics market.
Healthcare Data Debate: Privacy vs. Public Good
Joe Stanganelli  
6/18/2014   11 comments
Genome researchers discuss the risks and rewards of DNA data sharing at the recent Bio-IT World Conference.
Kiddie Clothier Sews Up Social, Analytics Strategy
Michael Steinhart  
6/17/2014   10 comments
A children's clothing startup leverages Facebook to build a multimillion-dollar powerhouse.
External Data: Radar for Your Business
Leo Sadovy  
6/17/2014   1 comment
Look outside your organization and incorporate external data into your strategic decision making.
Let's Make Our World Clickable
Beth Schultz  
6/17/2014   28 comments
Startup Playtabase sees a future in which the world around us is clickable via a flick of the wrist.
Facebook Users Stuck in Behavioral Ad Quicksand
Michael Steinhart  
6/16/2014   19 comments
Facebook's new ad-customizing features seem to be a boon for users, but they're enabling the social media firm to collect more information with every click.
Google Fit: Another Try at Health Data?
Thomas Claburn  
6/16/2014   17 comments
Google looks to announce a new service at the Google I/O conference that will track activity data. Will it succeed where Google Health failed?
World Cup Fever Sparks Innovative Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
6/13/2014   9 comments
Social- and fan-driven analytics projects are slicing FIFA tournament data to yield fascinating insights.
Father's Day Gift Idea: Golf & Tennis Analytics
Ariella Brown  
6/13/2014   38 comments
Give the gift of data this Father's Day with tiny, powerful sensors that map and analyze dad's golf, tennis, or even baseball swing in 3D.
Big Data Drives Individual Attention for Marketers
Michael Steinhart  
6/12/2014   19 comments
Smart marketers can use big data to create a detailed picture of each customer they target, according to one expert.
Tracking Sea Turtles With SAS
Robert Allison  
6/12/2014   13 comments
One of the latest methods for studying wildlife involves attaching GPS transmitters to animals and tracking their movements. The data can then be collected and analyzed to yield useful insights.
3 Hadoop Myths, Busted
Dan Graham  
6/12/2014   6 comments
The idea that Hadoop is going to replace the traditional enterprise data warehouse needs to be retired.
Gartner: You Can't Handle Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
6/10/2014   37 comments
The analyst firm predicts most enterprises will not have consistent security policies in place across their data stores, even two years from now.
Big Data Analytics & IoT: Implications
Lalitha Chikkatur  
6/10/2014   20 comments
The rapidly growing Internet of Things requires high-powered architecture and human guidance to effect positive change.
Philippine Relief Efforts Aided by Visual Analytics
Beth Schultz  
6/10/2014   12 comments
In a pro-bono pilot project using data visualization and text analysis, SAS provided real-time insight into where critical health risks were highest in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.
What Integrated Marketing Means Today
John Balla  
6/10/2014   Post a comment
At this year's Integrated Marketing Week conference, we learned about the need to deliver great customer experience across any and every channel: web, social, mobile, broadcast, email, in-store, outdoor, and beyond.
A2 Readers Enjoy Raises in 2014
Michael Steinhart  
6/9/2014   11 comments
The majority of our audience received raises in salary this year, either from their current employer or by switching jobs.
Hospitality Exemplary Practice Award: Nominations Open
Kelly A. McGuire  
6/9/2014   Post a comment
The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration will hold its third annual Cornell Hospitality Research Summit in October. Nominations are now being accepted for its Hospitality Exemplary Practice awards.
Integrated Marketing: Listen to the Voice of the Customer
John Balla  
6/9/2014   Post a comment
Asking customers what they want from you is the first step toward making the shift to responsive operations.
Secret Service Seeks Social Signals: Inside the RFP
David F Carr  
6/9/2014   2 comments
Social media analytics RFP seeks to sort serious from sarcastic threats against government officials.
IoT Slated to Top $7 Trillion by 2020
Michael Steinhart  
6/6/2014   21 comments
Hype around the Internet of Things is fast becoming reality, according to a new report from IDC.
Learn More About SAS & Its Home State
Robert Allison  
6/6/2014   Post a comment
I used SAS software to create an interactive, map-based interface for an archive of videos that showcase locations of interest in North Carolina.
Building Blocks for Business Breakthroughs
Aiman Zeid  
6/6/2014   Post a comment
The approach you take to uncover business insight and transform your organization will be more effective when it encompasses these four pillars: technology, skills, processes, and culture.
Reusing Security Video for Customer Analytics
Jon Martindale  
6/5/2014   8 comments
Millions of hours of security footage are recorded every day by companies around the world, and they're just waiting for analytics to unleash their true value.
Fraport Takes-Off With Passenger Analytics
Beth Schultz  
6/4/2014   14 comments
With a high-performance analytics infrastructure and sophisticated software, Fraport makes a visit to the Frankfurt Airport a real pleasure.
Big Data: Forget What You Know
Michael Steinhart  
6/4/2014   12 comments
The confusion around big data is holding marketers back from realizing its full potential, one Forrester analyst suggests.
Disney Bets on Big Data Magic
Maryam Donnelly  
6/3/2014   12 comments
Between RFID bracelets and smartphone apps, Disney is collecting scads of data from theme park and website visitors.
NYC Hosts Integrated Marketing Week
Michael Steinhart  
6/3/2014   17 comments
The Direct Marketing Association's Integrated Marketing Week conference kicks off tomorrow in Manhattan.
Analytics 2014 to Kick Off in Frankfurt
Beth Schultz  
6/2/2014   8 comments
SAS Analytics 2014 is taking place this week in Frankfurt -- and I'm on site.
Next-Gen Pay at the Pump Revs Up
Michael Steinhart  
6/2/2014   16 comments
An innovative startup aims to leverage RFID at gas stations to collect traffic fines and drive usage-based insurance programs.