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posted in June 2016
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 How Predictive Analytics Can Take Your Company to the Next Level
Digital Audio  
6/28/2016   22 comments
Predictive analytics can provide an organization with a rich view of customers and their behavior.
Is the State of Analytics REALLY That Bad?
Lisa Morgan  
6/28/2016   31 comments
A CompTIA survey shows how organizations would like to expand their analytics initiative, but there are some areas where they might want to simply do analytics better in the right spots.
Let's Talk Predictive Analytics
James M. Connolly  
6/27/2016   2 comments
Predictive analytics and the benefits they can bring to an organization are on tap for All Analytics Radio, Tuesday, June 28, at 2 pm.
Validating AI Adoption in the Enterprise
Kishore Jethanandani  
6/27/2016   3 comments
Artificial intelligence technology is at a point where enterprises have to start trusting it more often for decision making, according to an AI expert from PwC.
A2's Five-Year Anniversary: Look What Analytics Have Accomplished
James M. Connolly  
6/27/2016   31 comments
As All Analytics marks its five-year anniversary as an information source for those working with analytics, it's time to recognize the real pioneers in advancing analytics in our lives, you the analytics pro.
Big: Data, Model, Quality and Variety
Leo Sadovy  
6/24/2016   7 comments
A fresh look at big data. It's time to apply "big" not just to the data, but to the model, quality, and variety.
Where the IoT Brings Disruption
James M. Connolly  
6/23/2016   13 comments
The Internet of Things isn't just about adding a bunch of new connections to existing applications. Look toward the future and how IoT can change the way we do business and how we live.
Think Advanced Analytics and Data Science Talent
James M. Connolly  
6/14/2016   1 comment
As our All Analytics Academy program continues this week, we have presentations on tap to help guide your organization into advanced analytics, hire and retain top analytics talent, and build a culture of analytics within your business.
Yes, You Can Trust the Gut
James M. Connolly  
6/8/2016   20 comments
Analytics professions can continue to fight gut decision-making in the business units, or they can explore ways to uncover and utilize the data that shaped gut decisions over the years.
Analytics: Start on the Right Foot
James M. Connolly  
6/6/2016   Post a comment
The new All Analytics Academy debuts on Tuesday, with our expert presenters offering best practices for new and expanding analytics initiatives, no matter how large or small your organization might be.
Yelling Analytics in a Crowded Theater
Leo Sadovy  
6/3/2016   8 comments
Leo Sadovy reflects on six years of writing his Value Alley blog for SAS and how analytics have matured over those same years.
SAS Proves a Most Valuable Skill on Payday
James M. Connolly  
6/1/2016   2 comments
SAS, data mining/data warehousing, and data modeling all recorded top scores in research highlighting the most valuable employee skills.