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posted in July 2016
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Data Science, Coding, the Automation Paradox, and the Silicon Valley State
Fabian Pascal  
7/29/2016   22 comments
One of the failings of education stems from the lack of separation of academia from the private sector, with a revolving door between the two and university resources resulting in curricula that are entrepreneurial and vocational.
Analytics Power QIAGEN’s Digital Strategy
Ariella Brown  
7/27/2016   15 comments
Pharmaceutical and laboratory company QIAGEN has deployed a set of algorithms designed to tap into big data sources and highlight new customers and sales opportunities.
Detect Advanced Cyberthreats with Security Analytics
Information Graphic  
7/26/2016   1 comment
Find out the five essential characteristics to look for in a security analytics solution.
When A City Gets Behind IoT Development
Pierre DeBois  
7/25/2016   9 comments
Chicago’s push for improving civic services through data is leading to IoT innovations, a robust developer community, and an intriguing new seminar demonstrating best practices for analytics practitioners and tech managers
 Analytics and the Making of a President
Digital Audio  
7/21/2016   76 comments
Analytics aren't just a factor in this year's presidential election. Use of data is shaping the campaigns and your opinion.
Big Data Aims to Cure Cancer
Jessica Davis  
7/21/2016   11 comments
While big data and analytics hold promise in finding cures for cancer, for some who are working on that research the challenge is very personal.
Election 2016: The Analytics Behind the Fireworks
James M. Connolly  
7/19/2016   6 comments
All Analytics Radio takes a closer look at how analytics are shaping our selection of the next president, as well as a few hundred congressmen, senators, and governors.
Three Ways You Can Compete in the Collaborative Economy
Alison Bolen  
7/19/2016   10 comments
When anyone can open an app to borrow money from a crowd, order a gourmet dinner from a neighbor, or rent an oceanfront bungalow from a stranger, where does this leave more established businesses? Analytics Experience keynoter Jeremiah Owyang will share some thoughts.
Analytics Reach the 'Now What' Stage
James M. Connolly  
7/13/2016   11 comments
The "now what" stage of tech adoption is when everyone knows what they want to accomplish but wonders how to get there. That might be where analytics stand today.
 Analytics: Where We've Been, Where We're Going
Digital Audio  
7/12/2016   48 comments
Analytics experts discuss the evolution of analytics over the past five years, and look at changes that shape business and our lives moving forward.
A2 Radio: Analytics Progress and the Road Ahead
James M. Connolly  
7/11/2016   9 comments
All Analytics Radio is hosting a discussion with our expert bloggers as we look back at the remarkable progress in the analytics field in recent years, and look ahead to what work still remains.
NoSQL, Big Data Analytics, and the Loss of Knowledge and Reason
Fabian Pascal  
7/7/2016   4 comments
The data science behind big data analytics lacks a core attribute of real science, forethought.
Predictive Analytics and Wearables Data Driving EHR Growth
Jessica Davis  
7/6/2016   4 comments
Electronic health records may not be new, but they are gaining strong adoption. That adoption is driven by trends such as integration with predictive analytics systems and telemedicine.
An Analytics Roundtable Video: Finding Answers in the Data
James M. Connolly  
7/4/2016   1 comment
CIOs participating in the A2 Analytics Heroes Roundtable discuss how analytics are changing their organizations, including how data changes the corporate culture. This video excerpt is the first in a weekly series.