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posted in August 2013
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Searching for Quality in All That Big-Data
Michael S. Gendron  
8/29/2013   17 comments
Is big-data of sufficient quality to use for decision-making?
Wharton Wants Your Tough Customer Problems
Beth Schultz  
8/28/2013   7 comments
Companies as diverse as digital ad agency Organic and California utility PG&E let academics work on their datasets via the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative.
Your Customer Data, Their Academic Research
Beth Schultz  
8/27/2013   10 comments
The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative provides a unique forum that allows academics to work on real-world business problems with actual corporate data.
Tom Davenport: Telling a Story With Data
Anne-Lindsay Beall  
8/27/2013   2 comments
Prolific author and business analytics expert Tom Davenport warns that one of the biggest issues facing organizations is a lack of appreciation for analytics.
The New World of Big-Data Talent & Decisions
Emmett Cox  
8/27/2013   13 comments
You can't keep customers longer without the talented big-data analysts who can build the necessary insights.
5 Data-Related Things to Do Today
Noreen Seebacher  
8/26/2013   24 comments
Got the Monday blues? Here are five data-related activities to help you get through the day.
Fast Cars, Big Egos
Noreen Seebacher  
8/23/2013   14 comments
Some 10 million American motorists have vanity license plates. But don't they just make a person easier to track?
Suicide Prevention, the Analytics Way
Beth Schultz  
8/22/2013   29 comments
The DARPA-funded Durkheim Project taps medical records and social data with the goal of identifying and understanding suicide risk among US service personnel.
Hold Steady for a 'Tectonic Shift' in Retailing
Beth Schultz  
8/21/2013   8 comments
The impact of e-tailing will pale in comparison to the changes omnichannel retailing will bring, three business experts tell us.
Analytics in the Age of Omnichannel Retailing
Video Chat  
8/19/2013   465 comments
As retailers evolve toward an omnichannel environment, much of their success will depend on how effectively they use big-data and analytics.
Retailers Slogging Away at Omnichannel Goals
Beth Schultz  
8/19/2013   36 comments
Retailers know there's not much value in having a single-channel customer, so keep working at building the seamless shopping experience.
A2 Video Chat: Analytics, Big-Data & Shopping
Beth Schultz  
8/15/2013   4 comments
Tune in Monday, August 19, for a peek inside the technology-driven, data-enabled "showroom without walls."
Data, Disappearance & Death
Noreen Seebacher  
8/14/2013   18 comments
Philip Taylor Kramer was a rock musician turned scientist with an interest in covert data projects. Then he disappeared.
Look, Here's the Problem…
Noreen Seebacher  
8/13/2013   29 comments
Video is a small but growing channel for customer service.
Analytics Sheds Light on Ancient Jewish Culture
Daniel D. Gutierrez  
8/13/2013   10 comments
A team of computer scientists in Jerusalem has achieved a breakthrough by piecing together an ancient document with the help of analytics.
A Better Approach to Big-Data
John Balla  
8/12/2013   3 comments
The big-data archipelago breaks down big-data into bite-sized chunks that can help you frame a challenge more easily in the context of your operating environment.
Keeping CIOs in the Game
Beth Schultz  
8/12/2013   11 comments
Why CIOs need to be more than just lead technocrats.
Smile! You're on Yet Another Camera
Noreen Seebacher  
8/9/2013   25 comments
Facial recognition seems to be a law enforcement trend whose time has come.
Inflated Statistics Fuel Hype, Not Reality
Michael Steinhart  
8/8/2013   26 comments
IT vendors and analyst firms love to predict massive growth rates, but how often do they exaggerate for effect?
Bird Bests Cicada
Beth Schultz  
8/8/2013   2 comments
Will SMB cicadas meet their demise at the hands of bigger, faster, big-data-enabled birds?
Who Said That? Maybe You
Noreen Seebacher  
8/8/2013   12 comments
What I really want you to do is email me your own original data-analytics/business-intelligence-related quote.
Wondering About Big-Data? Turn on the TV
Noreen Seebacher  
8/7/2013   22 comments
All Analytics readers think some TV shows do a decent job of portraying big-data.
When Less (Data) Is More (Information)
Meta S. Brown  
8/7/2013   11 comments
In the age of big-data, every stripe of data analyst needs to know about sampling methods.
Broken Dreams & Big-Data Schemes
Noreen Seebacher  
8/6/2013   22 comments
Scam artists with access to big-data have found a whole new world of deception and profit.
Uncle Sam Stuck on Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
8/2/2013   18 comments
Federal and local government officials agree that the road to the future is paved with big-data, but getting there may prove challenging.
Data Makes the World Go Round
Beth Schultz  
8/1/2013   10 comments
Everybody can play in the data-driven economy.
Learning About You From Your Email Metadata
Ariella Brown  
8/1/2013   48 comments
Email metadata helps paint the picture of your life.