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posted in September 2012
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Slideshow: Battling BitSwarms in Datapolis
Beth Schultz  
9/28/2012   16 comments
Frank Caputo is the latest data professional to gain recognition in the SAS-Teradata Heroes of Analytics program.
Automation Will Change Data Science Beyond Recognition
Point / Counterpoint  
9/27/2012   16 comments
Over time and with automation, data science will devolve to the preparation, management, and integration of data collections, and managing data provenance.
Data Scientists Will Not Be Replaced by Automation
Point / Counterpoint  
9/27/2012   33 comments
Humans must do the work of data science.
3 Big-Data Companies to Watch
Noreen Seebacher  
9/27/2012   10 comments
Here are three big-data companies to know about -- and the reasons why they're important.
Share Your Aha! Before It's Too Late to Win
Beth Schultz  
9/26/2012   1 comment
Our analytical aha! contest ends tomorrow, September 27. Submit your favorite magic analytical moment now.
One App, One Week, Unimaginable Amounts of Data
Noreen Seebacher  
9/26/2012   21 comments
For the next week, you can participate in a global data collection project.
The Dangers of Stalking Ex-Lovers on Facebook
Noreen Seebacher  
9/24/2012   16 comments
Stop stalking. Ongoing connections on Facebook can "hinder a personís ability to heal emotionally after a relationship breakup."
Big-Data Killed the Video Store... & Other Retailers
Noreen Seebacher  
9/21/2012   23 comments
Big-data could be the biggest threat ever to the survival of small retailers.
Nokia Sees Data as Its Saving Grace
Beth Schultz  
9/20/2012   27 comments
Can big-data help Nokia turn around its fortunes? It thinks so.
Any Big-Data Startups Need $50K?
Noreen Seebacher  
9/20/2012   10 comments
AWS, an Amazon.com company, recently launched its sixth-annual AWS Global Start-Up Challenge -- and big-data companies are invited to enter.
Getting HR Into the Big-Data Mix
Sandra Gittlen  
9/20/2012   6 comments
Companies are increasingly including human resources in big-data discussions, especially as they pertain to workforce analytics.
A Big-Data Mantra: Share & Share Alike
Beth Schultz  
9/19/2012   12 comments
Experts at last week's Big Data Innovation Summit pounded home the idea that big-data demands sharing among industry partners.
NASA Takes Big-Data Analytics to New Heights for You & Me
Beth Schultz  
9/18/2012   18 comments
NASA's work with big-data analytics filters down to carriers and how they manage fleet safety.
Those Data-Driven Elephant Seals
Noreen Seebacher  
9/18/2012   14 comments
Elephant seals are important big-data sources. But how do the animals feel about it?
Putting a Face on Big-Data
Noreen Seebacher  
9/17/2012   17 comments
A soon-to-launch globally crowdsourced project is trying to put a face on big-data.
Privacy Lost & the Extinction of Anonymity
Noreen Seebacher  
9/14/2012   27 comments
Maybe it's just time to redefine what we mean by privacy.
Health Data, Meet Grocery Data
Beth Schultz  
9/14/2012   6 comments
At IE Group's Big-Data Innovation Summit in Boston, discussion circled around how healthcare providers could improve population health management via a merger of health and consumer data.
Big-Data Will Suffer From Low Quality
Thomas Redman  
9/14/2012   5 comments
Big-data analytics will help drive necessary change, but data quality will be a hurdle.
Execs, IT Pros Baffled by Big-Data
Noreen Seebacher  
9/13/2012   12 comments
Executives aren't the only ones with little familiarity with big-data. A report finds IT professionals don't understand it much better.
DataKind's Jake Porway: Inspired by Data Volunteers
Beth Schultz  
9/12/2012   7 comments
In yesterday's e-chat, Jake Porway shared his thoughts on the importance of sharing data skills with social organizations in need.
The Best Big-Data Top 10 List
Noreen Seebacher  
9/12/2012   13 comments
Take a look at the first-ever All Analytics Top 10 list.
3 Ways High-Performance Analytics Adds Value
Anna Brown  
9/11/2012   Post a comment
Applying high-performance analytics is an innovative option. Get the details in this video.
Dumbing Down the Big-Data Message
Noreen Seebacher  
9/10/2012   8 comments
Maybe some businesses are slow to embrace big-data because the people who control the corporate purse strings simply don't understand the concept.
Grappling With Deadly Data Sins
Noreen Seebacher  
9/7/2012   14 comments
Josh Williams, president and chief science officer at Kontagent, thinks there are seven deadly data sins. What about you?
Citizen Science: Data as Big as All Outdoors
Sherry Judd  
9/7/2012   14 comments
Researchers are harnessing the smartphones, Internet access, and analytical abilities of amateurs all over the world to collect big-data with game-changing accuracy and speed.
Big-Data Analytics: Breaking the Bounds on Cloud App Monitoring
Beth Schultz  
9/6/2012   8 comments
Boundary, an application performance management startup, knows the value of big-data, advanced analytics, and real-time data visualizations.
Chicago Food Trucks, GPS & Data
Pierre DeBois  
9/4/2012   8 comments
Chicago's food truck ordinance holds a lesson in how data collection can be potentially harmful.
Big-Data Driving Global Interest
Noreen Seebacher  
9/4/2012   7 comments
Big-data has been defined as a new asset class, like oil or gold. No wonder it is the subject of so many conferences.
Why Big-Data Needs Trustworthiness & High Quality
Thomas Redman  
9/4/2012   16 comments
You can't make money from poor-quality data that folks don't trust.