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posted in September 2013
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A2 Twofer: Data Contests & Big-Data Analytics
Beth Schultz  
9/30/2013   7 comments
We have another A2 twofer, this time a radio show on how to participate in a data science competition and an A2 Academy class on big-data analytics.
Data Dump: Big-Data Both Good & Goofy
Beth Schultz  
9/27/2013   30 comments
This week's look at news from around the data universe takes us from MacArthur Fellows to sasquatch sighters.
Visualizing the Urban Future With Analytics
Lyndon Henry  
9/27/2013   32 comments
New analytics data visualization tools, now emerging for urban planning, are giving community members a way to view change before it happens.
How to Manage All That Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
9/25/2013   383 comments
Managing data assets is always a challenge, one that looms ever larger as complexity grows. That makes an advanced information strategy critically important in big-data analytics.
Big Data Context Rises
Pierre DeBois  
9/25/2013   Post a comment
Google's Hummingbird update may provide a strong context for assumptions used in big data models.
A2 Academy Today: Big-Data Analytics & Enterprise Information Management
David Loshin  
9/25/2013   7 comments
The All Analytics Academy launches today with a look at why implementation of big-data analytics must go hand-in-hand with core competencies and good practices for managing information.
Color Me Stupid About Customer Loyalty
Beth Schultz  
9/24/2013   38 comments
My encounter with a beauty retailer leaves me wondering about the demographics it gathers for its loyalty card program.
Leveraging Big Data via Cloud
Michael Steinhart  
9/24/2013   7 comments
Cloud technologies are changing the way companies leverage big data and driving innovative applications in smaller firms.
All Analytics Readers Want to See the Data
Noreen Seebacher  
9/23/2013   14 comments
Nearly 80 percent of All Analytics readers are "very interested" in seeing the marketing data Acxiom has in its files.
Data Dump: From Babies to Burglars
Beth Schultz  
9/20/2013   22 comments
This week's look at what's happening in the world of data takes us from neonatal units to burglary hotspots.
A2 Twofer: Loyalty Metrics & Data Management
Beth Schultz  
9/19/2013   2 comments
There's lots of learning to be had on A2 next week!
Shell Taps Big-Data From Way Down Deep
Beth Schultz  
9/17/2013   16 comments
Predictive asset maintenance helps Shell Upstream Americas turn real-time deepwater measurements into usable data for production decision making.
Shutter at the Data in Your Digital Images
Noreen Seebacher  
9/16/2013   18 comments
Digital images are worth at least a million words and that might be a conservative estimate.
Why Marketers Should Care About Data Privacy
John Balla  
9/16/2013   5 comments
Marketers have an obligation to show the public they can be trusted with personal data.
Bad Data Needs Your Discipline
Beth Schultz  
9/11/2013   12 comments
Bad data can damage your organization's reputation and hinder its performance just as easily as an employee acting maliciously or irresponsibly can.
Data Visualization Helps Anti-Terrorism Efforts
Waynette Tubbs  
9/10/2013   1 comment
Think of how much easier it would be if you could see every possible terrorist connection.
5 Ways Big-Data Can Save Publishing
Venkat Viswanathan  
9/10/2013   30 comments
Publishers can use big-data to gain insights into customer usage and boost their cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
Data Visualization: Taking the Pain Out of Debt Collection
Waynette Tubbs  
9/10/2013   Post a comment
Colin Nugteren of DirectPay is trying to make debt collection as painless as possible.
Can Google Really Ruin Your Life?
Noreen Seebacher  
9/10/2013   38 comments
Now people have the ability to know everything but experience nothing.
A2 Academy: Gleaning Insight & Delivering Value With Big-Data Analytics
Beth Schultz  
9/9/2013   4 comments
Find out how you can glean insight and deliver value using big-data analytics in our second semester of online learning classes launching this month.
Acxiom: I'll Show You Mine if You Tell Me More
Noreen Seebacher  
9/9/2013   28 comments
Our old friends at Acxiom pulled back the curtain -- a bit -- so the people they surreptitiously monitor can peek at their own personal data.
5 Tips to Align Your Marketing & IT
John Balla  
9/9/2013   2 comments
The challenges facing the unlikely marriage of marketing and IT are the "rise of the empowered consumer" and the advent of big-data.
You Can't Trust What You Hear About TV
Noreen Seebacher  
9/6/2013   12 comments
All Analytics readers rate statistical bias the biggest problem with Nielsen ratings.
New Energy Forecasting Solutions Deliver
Joe Gimenez  
9/6/2013   3 comments
A 1982 federal report is fascinating because it summarizes the utility energy forecasting methodologies that were considered cutting edge at the time.
I May Be a Jerk, but I'm Not Crazy
Noreen Seebacher  
9/5/2013   30 comments
A California court has ruled that what you say in an online review can come back to bite you.
Oh Happy Day!
Michael Steinhart  
9/5/2013   31 comments
The Hedonometer project assigns a happiness score to each day of the year, based on a random sampling of 50 million daily tweets.
Mo' Data Blues
Meta S. Brown  
9/3/2013   15 comments
It's easy to get so wound up over the size of the data that you lose perspective.