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Searching for Our Lost Analytics Continuum
James M. Connolly  
8/7/2017   2 comments
In our obsession with artificial intelligence, we may have lost sight of how our use of data is supposed to progress, based on hard work and the analytics continuum.
Why Advanced Analytics Is in Your Future
Lisa Morgan  
6/15/2017   9 comments
Companies doing analytics 20 years ago enjoyed a competitive advantage. Today, if you are not doing analytics, you are falling behind.
Algorithms and Ethics: Moral Considerations in AI
Jessica Davis  
6/14/2017   11 comments
Can algorithms help predict and therefore prevent crime? Is it ethical to do so? Chicago is using an algorithm to score individuals on how likely they are to be involved in a crime as a victim or perpetrator.
Predictive Analytics Troubleshooting: Identify Categorical Data Bias
Pierre DeBois  
6/13/2017   7 comments
Undetected data bias can render a launched predictive prototype model useless. Don't let it happen to you. Here's a look at the biases possible and where marketers and agencies should start in their efforts to detect bias.
Tips for Getting Your Company Started with Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
6/5/2017   9 comments
We collected pro tips from analytics experts with practical world experience. Here's what they said.
How Your Analytics Measures Up
Jessica Davis  
5/22/2017   3 comments
Does your enterprise operate a leading data analytics practice, or is your practice more ad hoc? AllAnalytics presented survey results and got input from AllAnalytics bloggers Meta Brown and Pierre DeBois during a panel session at Interop ITX.
A2 Academy: Get Ready for AI, Machine Learning
Jessica Davis  
5/10/2017   2 comments
All Analytics is excited to announce the next edition of the A2 Academy will focus on AI, machine learning, and other advanced analytics. Wherever you are in your journey, this series of five webinars will help you get to the next step.
Analytics Use Case: Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect
Jessica Davis  
5/8/2017   15 comments
Child welfare case managers frequently rely on paper files and phone calls to get the information they need. Sometimes time runs out. Here's how data and analytics are helping.
Healthcare Analytics Tackle Multiple Challenges
Jessica Davis  
5/1/2017   6 comments
SAS Health Analytics Forum features an opening keynote address by oncologist and Pulitzer Prize winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee followed by two days of sessions and information about the application of analytics in healthcare.
A2 Radio: So Far, So Fast in Embracing Data
James M. Connolly  
4/25/2017   4 comments
Enterprises are adopting analytics technologies and concepts at a remarkable rate, as highlighted by a UBM Tech research report. Our team of experts discusses the findings on AllAnalytics Radio.
Careers: Organizations Expand Predictive Analytics, Data Science Teams
Jessica Davis  
4/14/2017   10 comments
New research shows that organizations are expanding their predictive analytics and data science teams even more in 2017 than they did last year. Are you ready?
NHL and Fans Score with Predictive Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
3/23/2017   15 comments
How the National Hockey League is using sensors and predictive analytics to learn more about fans and game play.
March Madness: Creating the Perfect Bracket
Jessica Davis  
3/16/2017   12 comments
It's time for the annual college basketball tournament known as March Madness. Did you use analytics to inform your bracket choices?
How Cybersecurity Analytics Are Evolving
Lisa Morgan  
2/23/2017   34 comments
Cyber security continues to be an arms race as organizations race to protect against new kinds of attacks. Here's how analytics is making a difference.
Boost Your Analytics: The Rise of the Citizen Data Scientist
Natan Meekers  
2/17/2017   11 comments
Visual analytics tools, can enable non-statistician citizen data scientist to create models that use predictive or prescriptive analytics. These professionals can embed their business knowledge into the models they're testing, prototyping, or building.
HIMSS: Harnessing Analytics For Healthcare
Jessica Davis  
2/15/2017   8 comments
Healthcare organizations have already provided some of the most interesting and promising applications of advanced analytics use cases. The HIMSS 2017 event next week in Orlando will provide a window into what's next.
Are Your Home Appliances Analyzing You?
Maryam Donnelly  
2/8/2017   18 comments
Home appliance manufacturers have latched onto the promise of IoT, adding smart sensors to help consumers track their appliances. Will the data generated and the analytics enabled end up changing how appliances are made in the future?
Redefine Your Analytics Journey With Self-Service Data Discovery and Interactive Predictive Analytics
Resource Center  
SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics share the same web-based interface to provide self-service data exploration and easy-to-use interactive predictive analytics in a collaborative environment. This white paper takes a look at this convergence and outlines how these products can be used together so that everyone, even nontechnical users, can investigate data on their own, create analytical models and uncover new insights that drive competitive differentiation.
O’Reilly: The Evolution of Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges for Machine Learning in Business
Resource Center  
Read this report to learn more about modern applications for machine learning, including recommendation systems, streaming analytics, deep learning and cognitive computing.
Maximizing Moments of Truth: Creating Meaningful Real-Time Customer Interactions
Resource Center  
This paper explores what customer “moments of truth” mean, and how understanding those moments of truth along the customer journey enables marketers to deliver the personalized, real-time responses that customers crave.
Keep them coming back: Your guide to building customer loyalty with analytics
Resource Center  
In this e-book, we provide the latest research on customer loyalty, along with a three-pronged approach for securing it. You’ll learn how to get better insights about your customers and win them over with laser-focused personalized marketing.
Forbes Insights: Data Elevates the Customer Experience
Resource Center  
Forbes Insights, in partnership with SAS, conducted a global survey of 357 senior executives across a range of industries and functions. Forbes Insights also conducted one-on-one interviews with several executives to further illuminate the findings.
Nestle: How to keep fresh products on the shelves
Resource Center  
Germany story about how accurate forecasting optimizes customer service, minimizes inventory overstocks and lays the groundwork for effective marketing at Nestlé.
OmniChannel Analytics: The Customer Still Must Come First
Jessica Davis  
1/26/2017   16 comments
As traditional retailers have added new channels, such as online commerce and social media, integrating all the new customer data has been a challenge. To provide a modern experience, companies must take a customer-first approach to the data and analytics.
Harnessing Analytics' Disruptive Power
Lisa Morgan  
1/23/2017   13 comments
People in business and tech love to use the latest, popular buzzwords. "Disrupter" is one of them. But is your company really leveraging analytics' disruptive capabilities?
NRF Panel: Retailers Embrace the Omnichannel Challenge
Jessica Davis  
1/17/2017   15 comments
Understanding retail customers means knowing what they will want and when they will want it. To deliver that, retailers must be able to see customer behavior across physical stores, the web, mobile apps, and more.
Can Critical Care Analytics Overcome Ethics Concerns?
Bryan Beverly  
1/3/2017   28 comments
When it comes to life-or-death decisions about critical care for a loved one, would you trust predictive analytics software to decide how much care is warranted?
Analytics Gets Big IT Investment in 2017
Jessica Davis  
12/9/2016   4 comments
The 37th annual SIM IT Trends Study found that analytics continues to be an important strategic investment for organizations.
Prediction, Explanation and the November Surprise
Fabian Pascal  
12/5/2016   7 comments
Those delving into data science have to learn the important difference between prediction and explanation, as we discovered in post-election discussions and finger-pointing.
Your Boss Knows You Are Looking for a New Job
Maryam Donnelly  
11/23/2016   44 comments
A start-up is offering an online tool that cruises company systems and big data sources to identify how many employees are looking for a job, and which ones are looking.
Why Mobile E-Commerce Requires Analytics & IoT
Scott Ferguson  
10/31/2016   4 comments
The amount of data generated by mobile e-commerce is posing new challenges for developers and IT departments. But analytics, IoT, and other tools can help make sense of all that data, according a report from Frost & Sullivan.
Fighting Fraud: A Slow, Uphill Battle
Information Graphic  
10/21/2016   9 comments
Executives are generally confident in their organizations' ability to spot and respond to fraud, but best efforts alone aren't necessarily enough.
Learn What Smart Cities Mean to You
James M. Connolly  
10/18/2016   15 comments
Smart cities and their potential benefits are on the agenda when CompTIA's Tim Herbert joins All Analytics Radio on Thursday, Oct. 20, at 2 pm ET.
Machine Learning Changes the Way We Forecast in Retail and CPG
Charlie Chase  
10/17/2016   3 comments
Large retailers and consumer packaged goods companies are using machine learning and predictive analytics to improve customer experiences.
How Far We've Come With Analytics
Information Graphic  
9/8/2016   5 comments
You might be surprised by the progress that analytics have made in just the five years that All Analytics has been monitoring the field.
The Demand Signal Management Proposition...
Charlie Chase  
8/31/2016   2 comments
While the availability and collection of data are compelling companies to invest in demand signal management solutions to support their planning processes, many have not gotten the return on their investment. However, others are realizing that the real value is in visualization, exploration, and predictive analytics.
Big Data: Let's Stay Focused
James M. Connolly  
8/12/2016   9 comments
It seems that the tech and business sectors are drifting back toward an emphasis on the "big" in big data when they should be thinking "analytics."
 Analytics and the Making of a President
Digital Audio  
7/21/2016   76 comments
Analytics aren't just a factor in this year's presidential election. Use of data is shaping the campaigns and your opinion.
Predictive Analytics and Wearables Data Driving EHR Growth
Jessica Davis  
7/6/2016   4 comments
Electronic health records may not be new, but they are gaining strong adoption. That adoption is driven by trends such as integration with predictive analytics systems and telemedicine.
Predictive Analytics: Jobs, Process, and the Customer's Soul
James M. Connolly  
6/29/2016   4 comments
Our All Analytics Radio interview with Graham Clark of NIIT Technologies offered insight not only into the state of predictive analytics, but also on how those advanced analytics are changing business and the nature of computing.
 How Predictive Analytics Can Take Your Company to the Next Level
Digital Audio  
6/28/2016   22 comments
Predictive analytics can provide an organization with a rich view of customers and their behavior.
Is the State of Analytics REALLY That Bad?
Lisa Morgan  
6/28/2016   31 comments
A CompTIA survey shows how organizations would like to expand their analytics initiative, but there are some areas where they might want to simply do analytics better in the right spots.
Let's Talk Predictive Analytics
James M. Connolly  
6/27/2016   2 comments
Predictive analytics and the benefits they can bring to an organization are on tap for All Analytics Radio, Tuesday, June 28, at 2 pm.
A2's Five-Year Anniversary: Look What Analytics Have Accomplished
James M. Connolly  
6/27/2016   31 comments
As All Analytics marks its five-year anniversary as an information source for those working with analytics, it's time to recognize the real pioneers in advancing analytics in our lives, you the analytics pro.
Think Advanced Analytics and Data Science Talent
James M. Connolly  
6/14/2016   1 comment
As our All Analytics Academy program continues this week, we have presentations on tap to help guide your organization into advanced analytics, hire and retain top analytics talent, and build a culture of analytics within your business.
A2 Academy: Make Sure It's Good Data
James M. Connolly  
6/9/2016   6 comments
The second session in All Analytics Academy, Analytics for All: The Right Start, airs today at 2 pm EDT when data scientist Daniel Gutierrez discusses best practices in finding and managing data, and ensuring that it is the right data.
Analytics: Start on the Right Foot
James M. Connolly  
6/6/2016   Post a comment
The new All Analytics Academy debuts on Tuesday, with our expert presenters offering best practices for new and expanding analytics initiatives, no matter how large or small your organization might be.
Everyone is Doing Analytics, So...
James M. Connolly  
5/31/2016   5 comments
The days of easy competitive advantage from analytics are gone.. If all your rivals are using analytics, it's up to your organization to do them better
So, Do Analytics Better
Information Graphic  
5/20/2016   3 comments
Research shows that the mere adoption of an analytics strategy doesn't translate into a competitive advantage. So, it's time for organizations that want to gain an edge to do analytics better than the competition.
Five Steps to Advance Your Analytics Strategy
James M. Connolly  
5/13/2016   4 comments
All Analytics is announcing our spring All Analytics Academy series, "Analytics for All: The Right Start." Learn more about the five streaming audio presentations and how you can register. Whether you are new to the analytics game or a data veteran, a big company, a small company, or a mid-sized company, the Academy has lessons for you.
How to Partner With IT to Build a Dashboard for Community College Administrators
Georgia Mariani  
5/6/2016   2 comments
Speakers from El Paso Community College illustrate how researchers and IT can work together using SAS tools to provide crucial information and encourage users to come up with new ideas for using analytics.
Crossing the Digital Divide
Charlie Chase  
4/28/2016   10 comments
The digital divide requires changes up and down the supply chain and recognition of the shifts in customer expectations.
 How Advanced Analytics Serve Healthcare
Digital Audio  
4/12/2016   88 comments
Advanced analytics can drive an enterprisewide approach to data-driven decision making, as healthcare organizations are proving today.
How Analytics Fight Healthcare Fraud
James M. Connolly  
4/6/2016   49 comments
Former Blue Cross Blue Shield executive Doug Cedras joins All Analytics Radio to discuss how advanced analytics can help detect and prevent healthcare payment fraud, and how such advanced analytics can be utilized for other purposes throughout a health organization.
Share in the New 'Analytics Experience'
James M. Connolly  
3/30/2016   2 comments
The Call for Content is open now for session and presentation ideas for the new SAS Analytics Experience 2016 conference coming up in September. The event brings together the business and management themes of the former PBLS and the technical aspects of the Analytics 2015 conference.
Five Intuitive Predictions About Analytics
David Wagner  
3/29/2016   22 comments
Very non-analytical predictions about the future of analytics.
What You Need to Know About Prescriptive Analytics
Kishore Jethanandani  
3/17/2016   9 comments
Even though companies have just scratched the surface with adoption of prescriptive analytics, some are getting real-world benefits, based on better decision making.
 Sports Analytics: Driving the Business Forward
Digital Audio  
3/10/2016   73 comments
High above the court and the field, sports analytics are driving successful professional and major college sports franchises.
A2 Radio: Tom Davenport on Sports Analytics
James M. Connolly  
3/3/2016   2 comments
Author and analytics thought leader Tom Davenport joins A2 Conversations on Thursday, March 10, to discuss the growing reliance on analytics in the world of big time sports.
 Why Analytics are So Valuable in Cybersecurity
Digital Audio  
2/18/2016   Post a comment
Advanced analytics have emerged as a critical tool for cybersecurity pros.
The Myth of Analytics Beyond the Land of Giants
James M. Connolly  
2/18/2016   15 comments
The newest All Analytics interactive infographic highlights data that debunks any myths that advanced analytics are just for the world's big companies.
A2 Conversations: RSA, Cybersecurity & Analytics
James M. Connolly  
2/17/2016   6 comments
A2 Conversations examines the state of cybersecurity -- the threats and the defenses -- what to expect at the RSA Conference, and the role of advanced analytics in protecting an enterprise's assets.
The Next Step for the Grid is to Make it Really Smart
James M. Connolly  
2/4/2016   7 comments
Analytics on the evolving smart grid take center stage next week at the Distributech 2016 conference in Orlando.
The Analytics of Customer Intelligence and Why It Matters
Suneel Grover  
1/26/2016   27 comments
With the growing importance of customer analytics in organizations, the ability to extract insight and embed it back into organizational processes is at the forefront of business transformation. However, this requires considerations for where relevant data resides, the ability to reshape it for downstream analytic tasks (predictive modeling vs. reporting), and how to take action on the derived insights.
Analytics & Health: Numbers Are People
James M. Connolly  
1/6/2016   6 comments
It's a chicken or egg question. Will analytics change healthcare or does healthcare have to change to accept analytics.
Big Data the Buzzword Heads for the Dumpster
James M. Connolly  
12/28/2015   43 comments
Big data the concept will live on after 2016, but it's time to let the buzzword fade away.
 All Analytics Conversations: Forecasts for Analytics in 2016
Digital Audio  
12/18/2015   3 comments
AllAnalytics.com bloggers share their observations, and maybe go out on a limb, as they look at the world of analytics in 2016.
Predictive Policing Gets Results, But Needs Care
Jon Martindale  
12/15/2015   39 comments
Predictive policing has been showing some signs of success in the UK and US -- along with some not-so-great results -- but even where it works police need to protect civilians' rights.
Analytics Skills Gap: It's Nice to Tie 'Billion' to an Accomplishment
James M. Connolly  
11/20/2015   11 comments
The Analytics Skills Gap Series continues with an interview with SunTrust Bank's Dudley Gwaltney discussing the need for advanced degrees, the value of understanding data management, and the data science job market in Atlanta.
Analytics: Don't Be the Contented Cow
James M. Connolly  
11/16/2015   8 comments
As illustrated in the All Analytics interactive infographic, a growing number of companies are proving they have competitive business advantages from their use of data, while others are the contented cows of their industry.
Heavy Industry: Where the IoT Pays Dividends
James M. Connolly  
11/11/2015   12 comments
If you want to see where the Internet of Things can provide real value today, check out the heavy industry sector where machines can break, costing companies big money in repairs and lost revenue.
Analytics Talent: See How Success Breeds Success
James M. Connolly  
10/13/2015   1 comment
Data in our recent interactive infographic sets the stage for the new All Analytics Academy: Build a Successful Analytics Team. There's a lot you can learn about becoming an analytical innovator.
Beyond the Basics: What’s Next in Predictive Analytics for Hotels?
Kelly A. McGuire  
10/12/2015   4 comments
There are new and exciting use cases for predictive analytics on the horizon for hotel organizations. As the industry as a whole grapples with big data, you can better come to terms with the data from the explosion of interaction points with our guests.
Gartner Says We're in the Algorithmic Economy
David Wagner  
10/12/2015   14 comments
At last week's Gartner Symposium keynote, Gartner analysts put your job front and center for your whole company.
A2 Radio: Humans, Tigers, and Common Sense
James M. Connolly  
10/7/2015   12 comments
Don't forget the human element -- people who will consume data and put it into action -- in an analytics initiative. Chris Mazzei, global chief analytics officer at Ernst & Young, joins All Analytics Radio to share best practices in understanding from the start of a project how the resulting data might address business problems, change people's jobs, and change how customers interact with an organization.
Marketing Analytics Lessons From the KGB
Leo Sadovy  
10/1/2015   9 comments
If a Cold War era intelligence agency knew how to identify western spies using key indicators, you probably have indicators that show what your customers are likely to do.
Big Data & New Tech Drive Demand for Developers
Kishore Jethanandani  
9/15/2015   12 comments
Corporate interest in big data is driving new technology developments, and those new technologies spawn demand for new developer skillsets.
Back to the Basics Part One: An Analytics Primer for Hoteliers
Kelly A. McGuire  
9/8/2015   Post a comment
Kelly and Natalie explore some of the types of analytics that could prove useful to hotel operators.
The Data Question: Innovation or Buffalo Wings?
James M. Connolly  
9/4/2015   14 comments
In a new twist on the chicken or egg question, can a company find success without analytics talent, or find talent without being successful?
Enhancing Analytic Capabilities With Beacons
Pierre DeBois  
8/28/2015   18 comments
IBeacon and a new beacon protocol from Google are ushering new ways to enhance customer analytic strategies.
A Flood Model for the Rest of Us
Matthew Brodsky  
8/11/2015   9 comments
A new modeling tool promises to help property buyers assess their coastal flood risks, but it also raises a few questions.
You Can Define the Modern Data Analyst
James M. Connolly  
7/30/2015   20 comments
Members of the All Analytics community are invited to take part in a survey by Blue Hill Research as the consultancy compiles a profile of the modern data analyst.
If You Knew Someone Would Resign Could You Do Anything?
David Wagner  
7/30/2015   47 comments
HR analytics is getting good enough to predict when people will leave, but just because you can predict it, doesn't mean you can do anything about it.
 Finding Answers Through Prescriptive Analytics
Digital Audio  
7/21/2015   117 comments
Learn what prescriptive analytics can do for your organization, and how to get there from predictive analytics.
Next up for Data Science: Prescriptive Analytics
James M. Connolly  
7/21/2015   3 comments
Today at 2 pm (EDT) All Analytics Radio examines the next stage in the evolution of data science, prescriptive analytics that spot business challenges in your data but suggest solutions.
Learn About Prescriptive Analytics on A2 Radio
James M. Connolly  
7/16/2015   1 comment
Join All Analytics Radio as Blue Hill Research's Hyoun Park discusses the potential for prescriptive analytics in the enterprise and shares best practices on preparing for a move to that next stage in analytics.
US Freight Railroads Roll on Analytics
Lyndon Henry  
7/14/2015   29 comments
Railroads are relying heavily on analytics -- eliminating paper-driven and manual processes -- to keep railroads safe and efficient as demand for freight services soars.
Your Guide to Analytics Patents
John Milne & Brian Denton  
6/24/2015   7 comments
Patent filing activity in the analytics space is taking off. Know what you have to do to protect your own ideas.
Put Internet of Things Data into Action
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/18/2015   76 comments
When you have your IoT data in hand, it's time to use it for better decision making, improved customer relationships, and operational efficiencies.
Analytics Skills Gap: Bankers' Views on Talent
James M. Connolly  
6/16/2015   4 comments
Executives of BBVA Compass discuss the challenges of hiring analytics talent, the appeal of the Sunbelt, a global support system, the value of keeping pace with new analytics apps, and the joy of working with social media.
The IoT Infrastructure, From Device to Database
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/11/2015   71 comments
Implementing an IoT initiative could mean changes to your infrastructure, from sensors up the line to data management tools.
Agile Strategy, Revisited
Leo Sadovy  
6/2/2015   3 comments
Defining your corporate strategy requires a clear understanding of elements such as your business's predictability and unpredictability.
Next Challenge: Explain Predictive Analytics
James M. Connolly  
5/28/2015   22 comments
Last week we invited you to define "data scientist" for a 5-year-old. Let's raise the bar a bit, and come up with a definition for "predictive analytics".
Digital Data World: Living in Your Digital Wake
Emmett Cox  
5/27/2015   16 comments
Consider just how clear a data trail we might be leaving behind us every day, but also how much of that data is or isn't of value to an organization.
The Legal Limits for On-Call Shifts
Ariella Brown  
5/19/2015   51 comments
One downside with the use of analytics in the retail sector can be the impact on workers who are subject to the vagaries of on-call staffing.
Utilities: Time to Adopt Analytics
James M. Connolly  
5/13/2015   17 comments
A Capgemini Consulting report shows that utilities have been slow to embrace analytics, but that they are starting to see the opportunities that data can present.
Analytics Unite Farmers and Underwriters
Mary E. Shacklett  
5/11/2015   5 comments
Analytics play a key role in precision farming and, increasingly, help farmers get insurance on their crops.
Quick Poll: A Home for Predictive Analytics
James M. Connolly  
4/22/2015   13 comments
Early voting in our A2 Quick Poll shows that predictive analytics are a natural for a wide variety of business applications.
What We Should Be Predicting
Quick Poll  
4/15/2015   3 comments