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posted in October 2017
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AI, Machine Learning: The View from Intel's Chief Data Scientist
Jessica Davis  
10/31/2017   17 comments
Intel Chief Data Scientist Bob Rogers has applied data analytics technologies to subjects from black holes to hedge funds to healthcare. Today he's working to apply AI and machine learning to society's challenges.
Three Job Security Strategies for the AI Revolution
Jessica Davis  
10/19/2017   28 comments
The AI revolution is coming, and many people are worried about being automated out of their jobs. We spoke with two industry thought leaders about job strategies, and here are three strategies they suggested.
A2 Academy Fall 2017: 5 Hot Technologies You Need to Know
Jessica Davis  
10/17/2017   5 comments
Are your career and your enterprise organization ready for tomorrow's analytics technologies? To help get you up to speed, we are offering a series of five webinars on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Edge Analytics, Real Time Analytics, and Augmented Analytics.
Why Your Business May Not Be Ready for AI
Lisa Morgan  
10/10/2017   28 comments
Businesses in virtually all industries are using or experimenting with AI, but do they really understand the ultimate impact AI will have on their businesses? Not completely, according to a new survey.
Artificial Intelligence Today: Time to Act
Jen Underwood  
10/6/2017   4 comments
How are you measuring up to other organizations in terms of your plans for artificial intelligence? Here's a closer look at what others are doing and what you need to know.
12 Artificial Intelligence Terms You Need to Know
Cynthia Harvey  
10/2/2017   31 comments
Is artificial intelligence the same thing as machine learning? And what is a neural network? We explain fundamental AI terminology in everyday terms.