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posted in June 2017
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Quick Poll: What's the Status of AI, Machine Learning in Your Organization?
Jessica Davis  
6/27/2017   11 comments
Does your organization have an AI/machine learning program in place or in the planning stages? Please take our quick poll and let us know the status.
Calling All Machine Learning Researchers
Jessica Davis  
6/22/2017   34 comments
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a new project to document progress and projects for AI and machine learning. The organization is asking AI and ML practitioners to contribute.
How AI Can Moderate Comments, Eliminate Trolls
Ariella Brown  
6/19/2017   41 comments
The New York Times has only allowed comments to be posted on about 10% of its stories because moderating such comments is a slow process. Now the media company is using artificial intelligence to speed up the process.
Why Advanced Analytics Is in Your Future
Lisa Morgan  
6/15/2017   9 comments
Companies doing analytics 20 years ago enjoyed a competitive advantage. Today, if you are not doing analytics, you are falling behind.
Algorithms and Ethics: Moral Considerations in AI
Jessica Davis  
6/14/2017   11 comments
Can algorithms help predict and therefore prevent crime? Is it ethical to do so? Chicago is using an algorithm to score individuals on how likely they are to be involved in a crime as a victim or perpetrator.
Post-Terminator AI: Consumers, Execs Warm Up to Digital Assistants
Jessica Davis  
6/12/2017   44 comments
Consumers and business executives both are warming up to the idea of digital assistants performing more tasks, and AI replacing humans in some areas.
Machine Learning's Greatest Weakness is Humans
Lisa Morgan  
6/8/2017   9 comments
Modeling artificial intelligence on the human brain is modeling it on a flawed model.
Machine Learning Taps Power of Curiosity
Ariella Brown  
6/6/2017   11 comments
Learning can be motivated by rewards, but mostly it is motivated by curiosity. New research examines whether machine learning can embed curiosity, too.
Tips for Getting Your Company Started with Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
6/5/2017   9 comments
We collected pro tips from analytics experts with practical world experience. Here's what they said.
AI Plus Natural Language Tech Bring Analytics to the Masses
Jen Underwood  
6/2/2017   14 comments
When artificial intelligence is paired with natural language processing and generation, analytics becomes accessible to much of the human race.
AI and Machine Learning Use Cases for Your Organization
Jessica Davis  
6/2/2017   3 comments
Our A2 Academy series begins with a closer look at real world use cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence in organizations like yours.