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posted in August 2017
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At the End of the Day, It's All About Analytics Forecasting
Charlie Chase  
8/23/2017   12 comments
Analytics-driven forecasting means more than measuring trend and seasonality. It includes all categories of methods, including artificial intelligence, but not necessarily deep learning algorithms. That said, deep learning algorithms like neural networks can also be used for demand forecasting, depending on the situation.
How to Get Ready for the Next Wave of Advanced Analytics: AI and Machine Learning
Resource Center  
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have hit the mainstream, spanning consumer devices to enterprise initiatives. Experts in the field say change is coming fast. But just where are we? If you donít have your plan started, are you behind the curve?
We're Entering a New Era of Augmented Analytics
Jen Underwood  
8/15/2017   5 comments
Augmented analytics can bring automation and new degrees of insight into an analytics initiative. Here's how.
How Voice Assistants Impact SEO, Machine Learning
Pierre DeBois  
8/8/2017   24 comments
Amazon is making an impact in voice search with its Amazon Echo and Alexa ecosystem of products. The rise of Alexa shows how machine learning strategy ultimately becomes an effective sales and business strategy.
Searching for Our Lost Analytics Continuum
James M. Connolly  
8/7/2017   2 comments
In our obsession with artificial intelligence, we may have lost sight of how our use of data is supposed to progress, based on hard work and the analytics continuum.
10 Interesting AI and Machine Learning Influencers on Twitter
Jessica Davis  
8/2/2017   8 comments
Looking to keep up with some of the top thinkers and influencers on AI and machine learning? Here's a collection that you can follow on Twitter.