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posted in September 2017
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The Future of Data Science: Augmentation, not Automation
Jessica Davis  
9/20/2017   10 comments
Three industry leaders took the stage at SAS Analytics Experience and provided broad perspectives on how far we've come in analytics over the last 10 years and where we are today.
 Former US CTO Megan Smith Talks Tech Transformation & Innovation
Digital Audio  
9/18/2017   29 comments
Former US CTO Megan Smith joins AllAnalytics Radio for a live interview direct from the SAS Analytics Experience event in Washington DC.
Emojis Train AI to Recognize Sarcasm
Ariella Brown  
9/13/2017   44 comments
It's sometimes difficult for humans to understand tone and sarcasm in text messages, so consider how difficult it is to train computers to understand it. But a new project is employing emojis to help AI understand when humans are employing irony.
How Smart Is Artificial Intelligence Really?
Oliver Schabenberger  
9/6/2017   15 comments
Does artificial intelligence pose the kind of existential threat to humanity that some Silicon Valley executives seem to fear? Nope. Here's a reality check from SAS CTO Oliver Schabenberger.
3 Machine Learning Technologies to Watch Over the Next 3 Years
Alison Bolen  
9/6/2017   8 comments
Booz Allen Hamilton's Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor Kirk Borne recently weighed in on a few of the rising technologies for machine learning. Here's what he said.
Are You Really Ready for Intelligent Automation?
Lisa Morgan  
9/5/2017   8 comments
AI and automation are being combined in different ways to complete tasks more efficiently than humans. Every business will be impacted by intelligent automation sooner than may be apparent, so the time to think about it is now.