Welcome to the Fresh Look AllAnalytics, 2017

(Image: pbombaert/Shutterstock)
(Image: pbombaert/Shutterstock)

Does anything look different to you? Regular AllAnalytics readers may be noticing a big change to our familiar web site. That's because this month we launched a new look and feel to AllAnalytics.com. Our site update provides the modern look and feel that is befitting of analytics' central role in the transformation of enterprise business today.

We are pretty proud of the new look, and we are thankful for the hard work of our designers and developers who made it happen over the course of many months.

Our more modern, responsive design will make it easier for you to navigate to the content you want to read, and to participate in AllAnalytics.com's blog comments and community. You'll have an easier time finding "SAS Insights," too, which offers expert perspectives from our site's sponsor, SAS.

You will still be able to find all the great features and content you've come to expect from our expert team of contributors and staff. You'll still get insightful blog posts about topics that matter to analytics professionals including databases, data management, data quality, marketing analytics, machine learning, sports analytics, healthcare analytics, and much more. Plus, AllAnalytics will continue to bring you interesting, thought-provoking guests in our AllAnalytics radio show. (You can still find those radio shows listed in the right column of the site).

Of course, we will still bring you regular A2 Academy sessions twice a year, as well, featuring free educational sessions on emerging topics of interest for analytics pros. Next up for the Academy in June, what you need to know about the emerging role of artificial intelligence in the enterprise.

So you get all the great stuff you're used to from AllAnalytics.com, all rolled into a modern new design.

To help you get used to the new site, here are a few navigation tips. At the top left of the site, you'll see a few navigation tabs to help you find your way around including Blogs, Message Boards, A2 Academy and Resources. On the right side of the top of the page you'll find tabs for Contact, Help, Login, Profile, and Logout. Right below those tabs you'll find our social media buttons. If you haven't already, you should follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. This is also the spot where you'll find our RSS feed button. To the left of the social media buttons is a search field for inside the site, and underneath that are some helpful navigation tabs for popular analytics topic areas.

Under that we are featuring four of our most interesting and topical articles. As you mouse over each of these you can see a summary of the blog post.

In the left column under the top stories we are still offering our most recent blog posts. If you scroll down you'll find "SAS Insights" under the recent posts. To the right you'll find information about our most recent Academy. Keep scrolling down, too, because that right column features all kinds of resources and great content, including white papers and links to upcoming and archived AllAnalytics radio shows.

That's the high-level tour, but I invite you to take the new site for a spin yourself and make some new discoveries. We hope you enjoy the new design and all the content we put together for you. Share your feedback or questions in the comments section.

Jessica Davis, Senior Editor, Enterprise Apps, Informationweek

Jessica Davis has spent a career covering the intersection of business and technology at titles including IDG's Infoworld, Ziff Davis Enterprise's eWeek and Channel Insider, and Penton Technology's MSPmentor. She's passionate about the practical use of business intelligence, predictive analytics, and big data for smarter business and a better world. In her spare time she enjoys playing Minecraft and other video games with her sons. She's also a student and performer of improvisational comedy. Follow her on Twitter: @jessicadavis.

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Re: Clean and Clear
  • 4/30/2017 7:32:36 PM

I think the combination of the font choice and line height helps readability. Font weight is a little heavy all around, however. I welcome the new look. I'm sure we'll all get used to it in time...

Re: New Look
  • 4/30/2017 7:30:45 PM

That would be an excellent way to frame the announcement of a new design! I suspect there will be a little of that thrown in for good measure. 

Looks good!
  • 4/29/2017 11:54:51 AM

The new design looks good! The darker blue is a nice change. I think the default font weight is a little heavy, almost bold. Letter spacing for bolded text is a bit tight. The updated look is something the site needed for a while :)

Better Viewing Experience
  • 4/28/2017 4:23:47 AM

When images, videos and topography are not aesthectically pleasing, human viewers stop in the middle and go elsewhere on the web for a better viewing experience.  But, these three elements as presented on All Analytics' new face look much nicer than those in the old one.   The viewers stay on a bit longer to aasess their new viewering experience. Developers did a great job! 

Re: Clean and Clear
  • 4/27/2017 4:57:55 PM

Yes, the site does look more "modern" and is an improvement I believe although the old one was no problem for me at all. it does seem easier to read but can't quite put my finger on just why, maybe more white space?

New Look
  • 4/26/2017 11:18:00 AM

Does the fresh new look mean a new way of approaching the analytics debate?

Re: Clean and Clear
  • 4/25/2017 1:29:26 PM


Predictable writes "The new look is fresh and clean. it looks a bit more professional and I like it."

I agree. Much brighter look.

I'm a bit puzzled why seven categories are listed across the main menu bar, and not, say, in a sidebar category list, or category cloud (like a tag cloud).

The most active sections, seems to me, are the Blogs and Message Boards, which are now deemphasized in the upper left corner in a kind of minor menu.

Back to the categories ... the entries under each category seem to include any content that mentioned that category. So if I'm looking for a blog article on AI, I have to sift through a lot of articles on other topics that may just have a mention of AI. Maybe I'm missing something here, but that's been my experience so far.

But enough of the grousing. The new look is a great improvement. More attractive and easier to read. Congrats to the designer(s).


Re: A little Tweeking Never Hurt Anyone
  • 4/25/2017 1:27:08 PM

@louis I noticed that, too. The redesign does spread things out and show larger pictures but kind of sidelines the comments.

Nice work
  • 4/25/2017 12:12:27 PM

Nice work.

New Design
  • 4/25/2017 11:13:24 AM

Congratulations to the All Analytics design team- you hit a home run with the new layout! Easy to navigate, clean design and full of great content.

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