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This will be my first but certainly not the last collection I have seen by Myntra. The good news for Myntra is I have no previous gripes with his work and or brand. Myntra's inspiration for his 2009 resort collection is a passage through India. I've never been to India so it will be interesting to view it from Myntra's perspective. You can get these dressed cheaper using myntra coupons.

This is my favorite dress from the whole Myntra 2009 Resort Collection. The abstract print really excites me due to the wide variety of color. That much color can only mean that much more is wide open to you as far as accessorizing goes. This dress could use a waist belt to break up the pattern. If you're not comfortable with waist belts, fear not because this dress has a self belt built in. Wrap dresses are designed to look great on everyone, its all in how you cinch it in. The self belt of wrap dresses allow you to choose just how tight or how loose you make the waist and neckline. The tighter the belt the more conservative the dress will be and the looser the belt is the lower the neckline can go. You get the idea. This style is going to look good on everyone, and I  mean everyone.

Speaking of dresses that will look good on everyone, above we see an A-line dress that is dripping in black and white hatchings. You may be asking yourself "Where is the India in this dress?". I don't know, I can't see it myself. What I do see is an A-line  Myntra skirt that is flattering to all legs along with a modest neckline that would be comfortable for all of us. A neckline like this begs for pretty necklace. Just make sure the chain is not too long, your necklace shouldn't be close to the neckline of this dress at all or you will lose the whole effect.

I may have never been to India first hand but I have seen enough on TV. to know they are a nation that loves vibrant colors. Perhaps without the iridescent blue chiffon overlay this myntra orange dress would be considerably more vibrant. I still like this dress I just feel that putting a damper on the orange doesn't really do justice to the idea of a passage through India.  How can a collection  inspired by India have so little color?

While the Myntra 2009 Resort Collection stayed away from most of the trend colors for the 2009, there are other trends presented. Such as the use of Tiers that we had seen previously at other fashion houses like Christian Dior. I won't make any final judgments on the Myntra 2009 Resort Collection. I will reserve that for the act two.