Big Data Applied: Real World Use Cases

Organizations today may have more data than ever before in the form of "big data." And the tools they use today may be more sophisticated than ever before. But unless those tools are put to use in a way that delivers real-world value, an investment in an analytics program may be going to waste.

That's why it's so helpful to look at use cases and case studies of how other organizations have forged processes. These kinds of stories often can spark new ideas for how our own organizations can implement a successful project. These kinds of stories can serve as loose templates of the processes that are needed and the conversations that are essential to have before a successful program can be implemented.

That's just what Marie Lowman has done in her new book. Lowman has collected a series of deep dive case study stories that look at how specific organizations embedded analytics into their cultures and delivered real results. It just so happens that Lowman's case studies talk about how government entities are doing this, but the lessons span any kind of organization.

The real goal Lowman has set forth is help others get started with analytics.

Lowman joins us for our June 22, 1 pm ET/10 am PT AllAnalytics radio show where we'll talk about several of the case studies collected in the book and the greater lesson that comes from them. We'll cover:

  • How to get started with analytics
  • How to change the conversation with non-tech users
  • How to embed analytics into the work done every day
  • Lessons learned from one organization on how to establish a Center of Excellence

Come find out more about these inspiring use cases, and bring your questions for Marie Lowman, too.

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